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 Moundville Video
This video entitled "Moundville: Journey Through Time" is shown in the Moundville  interpretative museum and gives a good overview of the history of the Moundville Complex.
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Public Indian Sites of Alabama

Moundville Archaeological Park


The Moundville site, occupied from around A.D. 1000 until A.D. 1450, is a large settlement of Mississippian culture on the Black Warrior River in central Alabama. At the time of Moundville's heaviest residential population, the community took the form of a three hundred-acre village built on a bluff overlooking the river.

The museum houses artifacts and interpretive exhibits providing information on more than 60 years of archaeological excavations and investigations. The theater offers a series of videos on Moundville and the history of Southeastern Indians. The museum store has reproduction pottery, Native American crafts, and artwork for sale along with a variety of books and videos.

The Indian Village at Moundville Archaeological Park provides an opportunity to look into the past lifeways of the prehistoric Mississippian peoples. Each house in the village has a separate theme that depicts the daily life of the people that lived here prior to European arrival in the Americas. The new John and Delia Roberts Crafts Pavilions are used to demonstrate Native American lifeways to the park visitor.


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